4 Coffee Shops Twin Pine Casino in the Bay Area Thinks You Should Try


The morning ritual

Everybody has their own morning ritual, but according to the National Coffee Association, 54 percent of Americans overs the age of 18 drink coffee everyday. That’s a lot of people! So statistically speaking, when you wake up from your Twin Pine hotel in the Bay Area, at least 54 percent of your brains are crying out for a sweet taste of morning brew. Forget about searching too hard, we found coffee shops in the area you should be trying out:

cup of coffee latte art in coffee shop1. Marketplace Express

Of course the first Bay Area coffee place we found was the one right in our very own backyard! Marketplace Express is located inside Twin Pine’s Casino in the Bay Area. As you walk through the doors of Marketplace Express, Let the local Calistoga roast blend fill your nose. From pastries and cookies, to salads and sandwiches – all kinds of food are at your disposal here.

2. Mugshots Espresso

What Mugshots Espresso lacks in size, it makes up in flavor! This quaint coffee shop has solid followers who strongly believe in it. One review from their Facebook says:

“I’ve loved this coffee shop since they opened! It’s the best in lake county!”

A Yelp review states:

“I stayed in Middletown for the weekend and had the coffee here 3 times. This is the BEST coffee ever. This shop needs to move to San Diego!”

Guess you’ll have to test it out for yourself!

3. Grinders Steep

Grinders Steep may be a coffee shop, but they are in no way limited to just coffee beverages. Ice cream and fruit smoothies are just a few items you can get here that aren’t always common at other coffee shops. If you are looking for something tasty to try, we recommend their White Salted Caramel Mocha –it’s topped with whip cream, caramel drizzle, and sea salt!

4. Mountain High Coffee & Books

Looking for a place near Calistoga hotels with free-wifi, books and tasty drinks? Mountain High Coffee & Books is a two-story coffee shop that gives all of that and more to the community.  If you are interested in live events, you can check out more on their website for open Mic nights and live jams.

Be sure to try at least one of these 4 Bay Area coffee shops when you happen to be here!