5 Slot Machine Myths Debunked by Casino in Bay Area


Slot machines have been getting a bad rep, and it’s partially because of all the misinformation the Internet likes to spread. But what most people, the Internet, and gambling books don’t know is the truth – slot machines are not a scam! Twin Pine Casino & Hotel, a casino in the Bay Area, found a few myths and debunked them for you:

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1. A slot machine will payout on a schedule

Slot machines do not pay out on a schedule. Slot machines today actually use a random number generator. With this, no one will ever know who and when the winner will be chosen with that simple “spin” button or lever.

2. There is a better option to choose between the button and the lever

You can think that the lever is the option that will win you the money all you want, but it’s just not true. The fact of the situation is the random number generator has no idea if you pushed the button or pulled the lever. Thus whatever you choose won’t make a difference.

3. Warming the coins gives you a better chance of winning

While this may sound ridiculous, you wouldn’t believe how many gamblers like to warm up their coins before placing them in the slot machine. We think this is just a superstitious good luck ritual.

4. The time and date play affect the payout

It has been said that if there is a special event or convention going on, the machine is more likely to payout opposed to on a regular day. It has also been said that the evenings are also a better time to play and normally evenings will be the time you will win. This theory is not true because of the random number generator that is oblivious to the time and date.

5. Machines nearest to the doors are more likely to win

Just because a slot machine is placed by the door, doesn’t mean you will win the jackpot. In fact, it is common for bay area casinos to change the placement of their machines around just to change the scene around.

When you sit down and play a slot machine, you are taking a chance at winning. It is as simple as that. So stop in to Twin Pines for a few games and Bay Area entertainment. Who knows? You might just get lucky.