5 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep at Twin Pine’s Napa Casino Hotel


For whatever reason you are brought to the Twin Pine Casino & Hotel for the night, like a live concert or a weekly slot tournament, getting a good night’s sleep is always ideal. But it’s extremely common for people to have trouble sleeping away from home – especially in hotels. Being not only a Napa Valley casino, but also a hotel, Twin Pine discusses how to sleep in a hotel and tips for staying away from home.

Do Not Disturb Hotel Hanger

Let’s be honest, sleep is extremely important. It is a contributing factor to our daily performance. So if you go away from home for a week or for even just a night, here are a few tips to help your sleep be the best it can be:

1. Make it feel like home

What better way to feel like you are sleeping at home then to actually make your hotel room feel like your humble abode? Bringing a framed photo of your family to put by your nightstand adds a nice flair.

2. Turn the wireless off

If you are someone who is easily distracted by their smartphone – this tip is for you. By turning off the wireless on your phone, you generally won’t be distracted by emails coming in to distract your sleep. Some people like to answer emails immediately but this little trick will help you avoid it altogether until you wake up in the morning.

3. No alcohol before bed

Sleep researcher, consultant and author of Sleep For Success Rebecca Robbins, highly recommends not drinking alcoholic beverages before bed. She says:

“It’s the worst thing you can do before bed. Alcohol is one of what I like to call the three cardinal sins of sleep, which are stress, stimulants, and screens before bed. Alcohol is an REM sleep inhibitor – it pulls your body out of rapid-eye movement sleep, which is where all of the benefits of sleep come in to play. That’s why we wake up after a night of drinking and feel completely exhausted. I’m a huge proponent of happy hour – take advantage of that!”

4. When in doubt, stretch it out

If after 15 minutes of tossing and turning you have no luck of falling asleep – get up! Keep the lights low and do something relaxing like read a book or some light stretching.

5. Caffeine consumed by 2:00pm

For all the coffee and tea lovers, anything containing caffeine is going to affect your energy. If you happen to drink a cup of something highly caffeinated, make sure to consume it by 2:00pm so the effects can wear off in time for bed.

Twin Pine Napa Casino & Hotel wants to make sure you are comfortable during your stay. Contact the hotel’s front desk at (707) 987-0297 to get your questions answered about booking a room and more.