April Winery of the Month: Boatique Winery With Live Music in Napa


Every month, Twin Pine Casino & Hotel likes to honor a winery that has exceptional vino and share an evening celebrating them. For the month of April, Twin Pine is proudly getting the chance to do a wine tasting and three-course dinner with Boatique Winery on Friday, April 22.

All “A-boat” the winery

Wine tasting

Boatique Winery is an experience unlike any other as it combines two very uncommon items – wine and wooden boats! They may seem like an odd pair, but when put together in a winery, the combo makes an interesting experience. Even if you aren’t an avid boater, taking the time to look at these antique and rare wooden boats is worth it.

Robert and Madi Mount, the owners of Boatique Winery, have a nostalgic love when it comes to being out on the water. It was only obvious to them that combining their passion for winemaking and collection of boats would make an intriguing winery. Needless to say: they were right!

One of the best parts of visiting Boatique Winery is simply sipping on wine while taking a stroll around the property. You can view the collection of incredible wooden boats, look upon the ancient olive trees, or sit back and take in the scenic landscape.

Twin Pine wine tasting details

The event will take place in one of Twin Pine’s very own Middletown restaurants – Manzanita Restaurant where there will be wine tasting and a three-course wine pairing dinner. The schedule has been posted as:

Wine tasting: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Wine Pairing Dinner: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Want to hear live music in Napa?

If you attend the wine tasting at Twin Pine Casino & Hotel, you will have live music to look forward to! Local band, California Cowboys, will be entertaining for the lively night. The Reno Best Bets Magazine says the California Cowboys are the, “Best unknown band of the year, with big star potential.” Don’t worry though, if you get worn out from the eventful night, you have the luxury of already being in a Middletown hotel!

For more information on Boatique Winery’s boats, events, wines, and more – check out their website here!