The Bay area entertainment scene reaches way far beyond the City!


For the most part, the Napa Valley is known for its beautiful rolling hills of vineyards and wineries around every corner. And that’s not a bad thing! But Napa has so much more going on in and around it that it would be a shame for you to vist without experiencing what the area has to offer all year round. Knowing what to expect when you get there will help you make the most of your roadtrip or vacation!

Bay Area Entertainment

One thing you might not know about the area is that you always want to pack a coat. Although it is on the border of Northern and Central California, it is still somewhat located in the hills a bit. Sure the tempratures during the day are pretty mild for the most part, but once te sun goes down, they tend to drop below what might be comfortable. Packing a sweater or light jacket should do the trick, but shorts and flip flops are not advized.

Belive it or not, there is more than wine in those hills! There are plenty of places to visit in Napa Valley with full bar opportunities along the way. Visting one of the great casinos in the Bay area like Twin Pine Casino and Hotel is a great place to stop for a drink and some gaming. You’ll also run into a lot of places that have a focus on all things “not-wine,” just to be different. If you get too tired of all the wineries, feel free to take a look and a dip at a few of the area’s hot springs facilities and restaurants in Middletown. Surprisingly, there are plenty of non-snooty options to choose from in the Bay area entertainment scene.

Also, being that the area is pretty rural, feel free to bring your doggies along. A lot of the venues in the Napa Valley are super pet friendly. Even some of the higher-end wineries have areas for your dogs to explore and play. If you end up visiting Pine Ridge Vineyard while on your roadtrip through the Napa Valley, they are especially pet-friendly as they offer treats to your pooch while you taste!

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