Boost Your Chances of Winning Poker Tournaments at Bay Area Casinos


Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular poker games in reputable Bay Area casinos—with good reason. Very few table games can match the adrenaline rush poker provides its players, and the winnings are often pretty good as well. This is especially true for professional poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker, which is set to award a large cash prize to the winner of the 2014 main event, as reported by ESPN:

“For the first time since 2006, eight figures await the 2014 World Series of Poker main event champion. The World Series of Poker released its 2014 schedule on Tuesday, and players are excited about what this 65-event series has to offer, especially the guaranteed $10 million first-place prize to the world champion.

The main event will always be the most popular tournament on the schedule, but it is far from the biggest buy-in. The “Big One for One Drop” returns after a one-year break and will again feature a $1 million buy-in with an expected first-place prize of $20 million. Eleven percent of the total entry pool will be donated to the WSOP’s official charity partner, One Drop, an organization that aims to bring clean water to those who need it around the world.”

Before you go to the nearest registration booth, it is best to hone your skills through smaller tournaments first. After all, the $1 million buy-in for the WSOP can be a painful price to pay if you cannot last until the guaranteed money round. A Texas Hold’em poker tournament at a casino in the Bay Area like Twin Pine Casino & Hotel is a great place to start practicing your poker skills. Fortunately, many of these casinos sponsor tournaments for local players.

Boost Your Chances of Winning Poker Tournaments at Bay Area Casinos

If you do decide to join a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, remember to stay focused. Other types of poker advice to increase the chances of winning a poker tournament include:

Fold on the Alcohol

The less alcohol you drink, the better. Alcohol can seriously impair your judgment, causing you to lose too many hands.

Bet on Sleep

Tournaments can often go on for long periods of time, even deep into the night. Get enough sleep the night before a tournament to ensure you have the mental strength to stay focused throughout the tournament.

Raise on Unpredictability

Inflexible players are the easiest ones to beat, especially if their opponents are experienced at reading subtle mannerisms. Change-up your game play every now and then to keep your opponents guessing at all times, which should put you at an advantage.

(Source: Main event champ to win $10 million; ESPN; February 12, 2014)