BottleRock 2014 Hangs in the Balance, but Live Music in Napa Thrives

BottleRock 2013 is long over, but the music festival seems to still be generating buzz; it recently featured as Napa Valley Register’s top story of the year. Held during the Napa Expo, the five-day event was grander than any similar festival previously held in the Valley and drew controversy over the $8.5 million debt it generated.

top story of the year

Although reviews of the event are divided, the music festival was not unsuccessful at drawing crowds. Hotel rooms in top Napa Valley casinos quickly sold out, leading some entrepreneurial Napans to rent out spaces in their homes for festivalgoers to stay.

Music lovers were drawn to the event due to the stellar lineup of artists organizers had prepared. Train, Zac Brown Band, Primus, Kings of Leon, and Jackson Browne were just some of the big names that graced the eager crowds with their music.

Following the controversy that brewed over the gigantic debt incurred because of the event, the fate of a follow up to BottleRock 2013 currently hangs in the balance. BottleRock 2014 is planned to take place in June this year. It will be managed by a new team of investors who were given one month to repay the debt before plans for a new festival would be allowed to push through.

Meanwhile, the music scene in the Valley isn’t looking too sullied in spite of the rumble BottleRock has caused. On January 18, the Napa Valley Playhouse hosted a night of gypsy swing whirled on by Le Jazz Hot’s mesmerizing instrumentals.

Several distinguished names will also be holding events this year. Renowned blues guitarist B.B. King will be performing at the Uptown Theatre in February. Often heralded as the reigning King of Blues, the 76-year-old’s concert is expected to draw a following.

Among other exciting events to watch for is the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway. To be held from June 11 to 14, the festival which will feature world-class jazz musicians, chefs, and winemakers. Yamato the Drummers of Japan will also make an appearance at the Performing Arts Center in October.

The influx of great live music in Napa is galvanizing anticipation among highly rated hotels, like Twin Pines Casino and Hotel, which are eager to treat tourists who will be arriving for the shows to the legendary Napa Valley hospitality.

(Article Information and Image from Top story of the year: BottleRock rocks Napa, Napa Valley Register, December 30, 2013)