Check Out Matt Applin and The Midnite Band at Calistoga Hotels


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There is no other feeling than listening to live entertainment while enjoying a bite to eat. At Twin Pine Casino & Hotel’s Grapevine Bar & Lounge, you can experience a variety of genres playing right in front of you while you enjoy a meal or drink. Upcoming on Saturday November 28th the Grapevine Lounge is having Matt Applin and The Midnite Band play an exciting arrangement of fun tunes.

The Midnite Band at Calistoga Hotels

Decades of experience

At this casino in the Bay Area, Matt Applin and The Midnite Band have had over 25 years of experience performing everything from R&B and Motown to Jazz and Blues. Applin is widely known in the Bay Area for being such an enthusiastic performer and excellent singer. The Midnite Band has been performing with Applin for many years and have built up an incredible chemistry with him. Together they have performed at weddings, festivals, county fairs, private parties, and more.

Voices are like fingerprints

Applin is a confident man and watching him performing is a real treat. He once said to the Daily Republic, ”Voices are unique, like your fingerprints. If you don’t believe what you have is good, you can’t put your heart into it.” This definitely is not the case for Applin – him and his band are fully dedicated and know that they’ve got what it takes woo a crowd.

Must see while staying at hotels in bay area

If you happen to be staying the night at the Twin Pines Hotel or one of the Calistoga hotels nearby, you must drop in for a night with Matt Applin and the Midnite Band. But if you miss him this time it won’t be the last you see of him. On continuing his career Applin mentioned, “For me it’s like breathing. It enlivens me,” He said. “It’s what I do.”

The live music starts at 9:00 PM and ends at 1:30 AM. There is no cover charge but be prepared for the two drink minimum. For more information about Matt Applin & The Midnite Band, be sure to check out their website for upcoming events and more.