Enjoying Live Music in Napa is One Way to Experience Wine Country

Even after being hit by a natural calamity, Napa Valley is still determined to climb back up, move on, and perhaps have fun along the way. This was the prevailing sentiment during ‘Napa Valley Rocks!’, a four-day music and food festival held in September in order to lift everyone’s spirits in light of the devastating earthquake that struck the County last August. According to the Napa Valley Register, the quake caused about $300 million in damage and some 200 injuries:Enjoying Live Music in Napa is One Way to Experience Wine Country

Napa Valley Rocks! is meant not only to gather aid for those affected by the quake, but to use food and entertainment to show the county’s resilience, according to spokesman Tom Fuller.

“It’s a fundraiser, but it’s also an awareness-raiser to show people we (in Napa) have moved forward as much as we can,” he said Wednesday.

Live music is perhaps the best crowd-drawer in this instance since it provides a memorable experience and a great opportunity to unwind. Now that the earthquake is no more than a bad memory, though, everyone could listen to live music in Napa for the sake of fun and enjoyment. Why not experience the whole thing in a prestigious establishment like Twin Pine Casino & Hotel in nearby Lake County? Such a place not only features wonderful performances from some of the best local musicians but also gives other people something to enjoy, like fine food and a game of chance.

Napa County is arguably one of the best destinations for those in search of top-notch entertainment in California. While the County is primarily known for its wines, its hotels and restaurants are hugely popular as well, generating about $1.03 billion and $301 million (respectively) in 2012. Renowned Napa casinos, especially those owned and operated by Native Americans like the Pomo Indians, also give the County a sizable source of revenue from tourism. At any rate, visitors must be willing to play by the rules.

California’s gambling laws are quite relaxed in that they allow most types of gambling—namely card games, slot machines, lotteries, bingo, and horse race betting—to take place within the state. Certain games that use dice (like craps) and balls (like roulette) do have exceptions, although certain Native American casinos offer these games in a ‘more legal’ form. Finally, patrons must be at least 21 years old before they can play at casinos.

Having said all that, the wealth of entertainment options makes Napa County the ideal place for those who simply want to have fun. After all, even a devastating earthquake can’t ruin everyone’s spirits here!

(Source: Four days of entertainment to support earthquake relief, Napa Valley Register, September 24, 2014)