Entertainment in Popular Napa Valley Casinos Extends Past Gambling


Most people who plan to stay in hotels and casinos like Twin Pine do so because they’re interested in hitting the casino at one point during their stay. This is a good plan if you’ll be spending three days in Napa Valley. However, vacations that extend past that time frame require other forms of entertainment.

Entertainment in Popular Napa Valley Casinos Extends Past Gambling

If you tire of the hustle and bustle of the casinos or you’re simply looking for new ways to enjoy your stay in Wine Country, you can try the following activities:

Wine Tasting

No trip to Napa Valley is complete if you don’t sample some the local wines. Fortunately, many popular Napa Valley casinos also offer bars where you can indulge in some wine tasting after trying your luck on the slot machines. If you decide to do this, here is a quick tip from Paul Gregutt of Wine Enthusiast Magazine:

Take a sip, not a large swallow, of wine into your mouth and try sucking on it as if pulling it through a straw. Ignore the stares of those around you; this simply aerates the wine and circulates it throughout your mouth.

Again, you’ll encounter a wide range of fruit, flower, herb, mineral, barrel and other flavors, and if you’ve done your sniffing homework, most will follow right along where the aromas left off. Aside from simply identifying flavors, you are also using your taste buds to determine if the wine is balanced, harmonious, complex, evolved, and complete.

Live Music

Listening to live music in Napa is a great way to spend an evening with friends or to wash away the frustration of a bad hand. You may even discover and fall in love with a new band! Be sure to check the hotel restaurant’s website for a list of performers during your stay to help you better plan your evening.

Winery Tour

Take a tour of some of the world-class wineries in Napa Valley. Sometimes, these tours even include horse-drawn carriage rides and wine tasting. For an even better experience, try scheduling these tours during autumn. You can always ask the front desk for suggestions if you don’t know which tour to sign up for.

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