Fabulous Wining and Dining Options worth Trying at Middletown Hotels


If there could be only one thing that best describes California, it would be its vast and rich wine industry. David White, founder and editor of the wine website Terroirist.com, says that the distinction is well-deserved:

“More than 500,000 acres of California farmland are dedicated to wine grapes, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the most widely planted. More than a quarter of the state’s red wine grape plantings are Cabernet Sauvignon. And more than half of all white wine grape plantings are Chardonnay.”

California is also rife with exotic wines, like Peitite Serah and Compagni Portis, whose formulas are still being rediscovered by winemakers. Great-tasting wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Pinot Noir also make up the state’s wine selection, which travelers should try the next time they stay at lovely Middletown hotels like Twin Pine Casino & Hotel.

Fabulous Wining and Dining Options worth Trying at Middletown Hotels

The best hotel restaurants offer the aforementioned varieties of whites and reds plus some of the rare gems like Dom Perignon, Zinfandel, and Guenec Port. These wines can make a nice dinner even more enjoyable and serve as delightful highlights to certain celebrations like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

However, there’s more to fine wine than mere classification and exotic appeal. White wines are best served chilled, but not in such a way that they become frigid or icy. By contrast, red wines taste best if served a bit below room temperature. Meanwhile, a wine bottle should also be given time to “breathe” or aerate before it is served to allow the ingredients to mingle with the air and enhance the wine’s flavors.

Even the choice of glassware is important. For instance, large, tulip-shaped glasses tend to trap the aroma of wine quite well. Indeed, wine tasters believe that the ability to savor smell can enhance the overall wine drinking experience.

Contrary to popular belief, white wines don’t always need to be served with white meat like fish or chicken. In fact, there are technically no restrictions as to what kind of wine should be served with specific viands. The only “rule” worth noting is that every wine and food combination should suit the person’s tastes.

Be it a glass of Chandon Brut paired with a juicy T-bone steak or Chicken Piccata served with Twin Pine Red, people shouldn’t let arbitrary wine and food pairing restrictions get in the way of a good time at fine dining restaurants in Middletown.

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