Fancy Middletown Hotels: Perfect Settings for Fabulous Brunch Weddings

Couples who are early birds never have to conform to sunset weddings and dinner receptions. Even night owls who love having breakfast any time of the day can plan their big day at earlier mealtimes and feast on delightful morning treats with their guests. Enter brunch weddings.

You might think it’s too unconventional or even quirky, but morning wedding receptions are not a new concept. Glamour magazine’s Lexi Petronis certainly knows a thing or two about brunch weddings (since she had one herself). She shares some general planning ideas for this type of reception:Fancy Middletown Hotels Perfect Settings for Fabulous Brunch Weddings

Who says weddings have to be afternoon or evening affairs? Late morning is absolutely open too—and there are plenty of ways to make your brunch wedding as gorgeous and memorable as other times of the day.

DO remember that an early wedding doesn’t preclude having cocktails. (My husband and I had a brunch wedding, and we opted for mimosas and champagne, along with a bar with simple beer and wine choices. It was enough for people to get a little extra-celebratory—while also cutting down the possibilities for any super-crazy shenanigans!)

DO know that, like with other weddings, you can have the event be as formal and as festive as you like. You can make it fancier with fine china, table service, and a four-course meal; more casual with different kinds of DIY food stations.

Just like any event, you need the most suitable venue for your plans to work. Fancy Middletown hotels might just be the perfect settings for wine country wedding venues and your fabulous brunch wedding. Here, you can pair tasty treats with fine cocktails, including premium wines from nearby Napa Valley’s vineyards, and party in bright, spacious areas. With an ideal location, luxuriously themed amenities, and delicious menu offerings, you can exchange “I dos” and celebrate your big day in the most charming way. You can even take gorgeous wedding photos or simply bask in the picturesque surroundings of the site.

Plush restaurants in Middletown hotels like the Manzanita Restaurant of the Twin Pine Casino & Hotel can cater to your brunch wedding plans with their wine country wedding venues. You don’t have to go anywhere else for other accommodations, too, since the hotel also has sophisticated facilities for your rehearsal dinner and ceremony, as well as luxury suites for your honeymoon or wedding party. All these lovely details can help in making your event more special and memorable.

(Source: The Dos and Don’ts of Brunch Weddings, Glamour, September 4, 2013)