Features to Look for in Calistoga Hotels when Traveling for Business

Business travel entails more pressure than leisure, especially when deals or investments hang in the balance. However, the key here is to plan ahead to avoid major bumps on the road. For trouble-free business travel, BusinessInsider.com’s Aaron Taube and Emmie Martin offer a list of useful suggestions from successful entrepreneurs like stylist and fashion guru Rachel Zoe:

Features to Look for in Calistoga Hotels when Traveling for Business

Designer Rachel Zoe packs as many meetings into 48 hours as possible.

Since having kids, Zoe began prioritizing family time over leisurely business trips. Taking a cue from friend Stella McCartney, she now caps business trips at 48 hours and schedules meetings straight through, morning to night.

“Whirlwind tours don’t leave room to tack on any socializing, which is a small sacrifice to make to return home sooner to your babies,” she says.

Zoe also makes her trips work double-time by extending them and bringing the kids, or combining in business travel with plans to visit out of town family.

With that in mind, entrepreneurs traveling to Calistoga would do well to reserve accommodations at business-friendly Calistoga hotels. This way, they can utilize on-site meeting facilities rather than inconvenience their group with additional transit. Here is a quick look at a couple of features a business-friendly hotel typically has to offer:

Internet access

For most entrepreneurs, smart phones and tablets (or phablets!) are all essential business tools. With these devices, businesspeople can stay connected to their main office while attending to official business tasks at the same time. However, all of these tools are useless if the hotel doesn’t have high-speed internet access that enables optimum connectivity at all times.

Quality dining options

Business owners’ schedules while on the go can be short on time and they will need to replenish their energy through sumptuous food before long. Apart from room service, it would be ideal to have Calistoga, CA restaurants within hotel premises that offer excellent culinary options. This way, anyone who’s attending a conference or exhibit can have a reinvigorating lunch or cap off a busy day with colleagues without spending an inordinate amount of time away from the venue.

When it comes to business travel, convenience is the name of the game. Many travelers will no doubt find a property like Twin Pine Casino & Hotel, which offers first-class accommodations and a slew of fine dining options, convenient for both business and leisure travel.

(Source: 7 Super Successful People Share Their Best Travel Tips, businessinsider.com, August 6, 2014)