Get your poker-face in shape at the best casinos in the Bay area!


Making sure you have a clear vision of your upcoming road trip or vacation is imperative to having a successful time. Know when and where the best deals are will help you make the most of your hard-earned money! When traveling through wine country, nothing’s more exciting than taking a break from the road to do a little gaming at Bay area casinos.


Bay area entertainment like Twin Pine Casino and Hotel has tons of exciting games that are a great pairing with a wine country tour! Twin Pine is fully equipped with all the latest slots, table games and live poker and blackjack! And just like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get. Here’s a few tips on learning to play poker and showing the perfect “poker face!”

Having a good poker face is way harder than it looks, especially when the tensions are high! Keeping those “tells” under control take a ton discipline and self-awareness. Learning to relax and control your emotions will help you keep a straight face no matter what the stakes.

Making sure your voice stays consistent throughout gameplay is also important. Any changes in tone or speed will be read as a sign of dishonesty, so keeping a normal tone will make it hard for your opponents to pick up on. Seeming emotionless and apathetic is the best way to you from cracking.

Although poker is a fun and exciting game, try to limit the chatter and excitement, even when you win a hand. Wait until the end to trash talk and gloat. Any show of emotion will give everybody clues on how to beat you in the next hand.

The same goes for when you lose a hand. Letting your opponent know when they’ve gotten in your head will give them an advantage and let them know that they can exploit you when you’re angry. Playing angry will also take your focus off of your opponent. You need to not only be studying your hand, but also watching for any tells your opponents reveal.

Most of all, know the game. Going into a poker game unsure of the rules and which hands out-rank other hands can make you look foolish and open the door the wolves. Good luck learning to play poker!

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