Getting Live Music in Napa and Exploring the Area for Parents Day


In addition to everyone’s favorite summer holiday, there’s another special day to celebrate on the month of July that you might not have even heard of: National Parents Day!

“National Parents Day is a special day to honor your mother and father. It is celebrated annually on the 4th Sunday of July. It is not a day for gift giving, that is for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The best way to celebrate Parents’ Day is to spend time with your parents doing something fun, just enjoying each other’s company. This will also provide an opportunity to evaluate how your parents are functioning on a daily basis, especially for those children who are not daily caregivers.”

In this Boomer Living+ article, eldercare writer Sue Susskind focused on the important conversations to have with parents. Aside from meaningful communication, you can enjoy celebrating Parents Day by spending some time with your folks in a vacation destination like Napa Valley. Here are some suggestions:

celebrating national parents day

Dine in style!

Pairing live music in Napa with exquisite meals can be done in premier hotel restaurants in the area. The cozier and more private alternative to popular tourist destinations can give your parents a laidback dining (and dancing!) experience. They can swing the night away to lively beats and romantic notes. Of course, as with anywhere you go in Napa, you can expect to be served the finest glasses of wine.

Take wine country tours.

The Napa experience will not be complete without a wine country tour. Let your folks explore the famous wineries and savor the perfectly blended delicacies. Have them relish the picturesque views and calming sceneries of wine country by any means of their liking. You can all take a ride on the train, ride bikes, or even go on a helicopter or a hot air balloon!

Experience luxurious accommodations.

After the tiring tour, let your mom and dad retreat to a deluxe accommodation, such as those within Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. Designed with spacious rooms, a cozy ambience, and complete amenities, the luxurious hotel treats them to a well-deserved relaxation. If they’re still up for some leisure activities, they can have some fun playing cards or slot games in exciting Napa casinos.

Of course, you can do everything before or beyond National Parents Day. You don’t need to be celebrating parents day to arrange the trip and show your hardworking parents how much you appreciate them.

(Source: Celebrating National Parents Day, Boomer Living+)