Healthy Items for your Travel Bag as You Head for Twin Pine Casino & Hotel in the Bay Area

You’re getting ready to catch a flight to the Bay Area to stay at Twin Pine Casino & Hotel and tour Napa. Of course you’ll throw your keys and wallet in your travel bag, and maybe a paperback to read on the plane. But if you want to travel healthy and comfortable on your trip, there are some other items you should consider.

Here are healthy products for you to include in your bag and to be a happy camper from takeoff to touchdown:

Refreshing mist

The air on planes is extremely dry and consequently pulls moisture from your skin. A quick spritz of a hydrating mist for your face and arms can be very refreshing. Many sprays contain antioxidants, which are great for your skin. And keeping your skin moist helps it protect you from germs.

healthy items travel bag

Botanical disinfecting wipes

While they clean an airplane between flights, there’s no guarantee that they clean it well. You can be sure your armrests, tray table, and other surfaces are germ-free by giving them a quick wipe. Some products contain chemicals you’d rather not come into contact with. But there are a number of products available that use healthy botanicals to kill germs.

Noise canceling headphones

While the energetic sounds of a Bay Area casino like Twin Pine can be very invigorating, the noise on a plane can keep you from relaxing and be very draining. Use noise canceling headphones to block out the chaos so you can arrive fully refreshed and ready to have some fun.

Organic sunscreen

Did you know that the windows on an airplane don’t block out damaging UV rays? Be sure to have some all-natural sunscreen in your travel bag in case you find yourself in a window seat. Even if you’re not, you can apply sunscreen before you land so you’re ready to step off the plane and into California’s glorious sunshine.

Flavor-infused water

In the same way that hydrating your skin is important, hydrating the rest of your body is critical. Take an empty water bottle through airport security and then fill it from a drinking fountain and add things like berries, mint, cucumber, or other natural flavor enhancers to give your water a delicious kick.

Healthy snacks

Sadly, the days of airlines providing you with an in-flight meal are, for the most part, gone. Thankfully, you can tend to your own nourishment with a wide variety of healthy foods. From raw almonds to fruit and veggie chips, the options are virtually unlimited.

See You Soon

We look forward to seeing you at Twin Pine Casino & Hotel in the Bay Area. Safe travels!