Hotel in the Bay Area Offers Comfort After Robert Louis Stevenson State Park Hike


When the workweek gets so busy, it’s easy to stay inside on the weekend in order to relax. But what you really should be doing is burning all the energy you have pent up from sitting at a desk or working on tedious tasks. One great way to do this would be through hiking. It is a perfect activity in this situation because you don’t have to do anything too strenuous, but you will definitely get your heart pumping. On a nice day, head out to the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park near Twin Pine’s Calistoga hotels to get away from any stress going on in your life. Your mind and body will be thanking you because hiking is extremely beneficial. A few benefits to hiking are:

• Risk for coronary heart disease and stroke are low
• Increase of bone density
• Better balance
• Better blood pressure and blood sugar levels
• Improved muscular fitness
• Better sleep

State Park Hike

The list doesn’t end there. Gregory A. Miller, PhD, and president of the American Hiking Society let’s us know that hiking is also a mentally beneficial activity. He said, “Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Being in nature is ingrained in our DNA, and we sometimes forget that.”

Twin Pine casino in the Bay Area is aware of how important staying active is. Being located just 10 minutes from the Louis Stevenson State Park makes it easy for guests to go to and fro from the hotel to go explore the park. One of the more spectacular California hiking trails you’ll want to venture to takes you on top of Mt. St. Helena. There you will get to see panoramic views of San Francisco. Not to mention, being so close to the state park allows for people to easily come back to their room, take a nap, shower, and move on to their next set of activities without taking too much time out of their day.

After a couple of hours exploring the California hiking trails, you will most likely want to rest your body for a bit. Twin Pine hotel in the Bay Area will make sure you are comforted during your stay. So next time you want to escape your busy life, come out to Twin Pine Casino & Hotel and take a light hike at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park.