Island of Black & White


Friday & Saturday
April 13th & 14th
9:00 pm–1:30 am

Island of Black and White was founded in the Foothills of El Dorado…. Their music is a sweet, humble yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. It is a mixture like no other. The duo, sometimes trio, and quintet, exerts high energy performances while traveling and frequenting local venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, music festivals and various events. With over 40 originals, the unique sound of Island of Black and White today captures the attention of those young and old: with Chris Haislet on guitar, keyboard, accordion, melodica, flute and vocals, Nawal Alwareeth on drums and vocals. It is apparent for anyone watching, that the band shares an immense love for music. Not only does the band enjoy playing, but their incredible performances engage all who listen; and the energy is shared with the entire crowd.