Looking for Great Calistoga Hotels after a Dip in the Hot Springs?


After a long day at work or a few intense hours at the gym, nothing is better than a nice, warm bath to relax your body. Of course, your tub isn’t the only place where you can enjoy this luxury—Mother Nature has her own version of it in the form of hot springs. Aside from being relaxing, hot springs are also known to provide health benefits to people. As this article from eHow.com explains:

Pain relief
Doctors often recommend the application of heat (moist or dry) to relieve the pain and stiffness of arthritis. The website webmd.com notes that heat reduces muscles spasms and alters the sensation of pain. In treating arthritis pain, moist heat should be used for at least 15 minutes before exercise and then used again immediately after exercise, the website reads. Soaking in a hot mineral spring gives the effect of a nice, long moist heat application for joints and muscles in pain.

Improved blood circulation
Because heat dilates blood vessels, it stimulates circulation, an effect noted on the website webmd.com in a discussion of heat treatment for arthritis. Better circulation boosts the health of all the body’s tissues, carrying oxygen and nourishment to the cells.”

You might not expect it, but Napa Valley isn’t only home to world-famous vineyards but to hot springs as well. Calistoga, in particular, has long been a destination for those who want to enjoy a relaxing dip in nature’s hot tubs. Found at the end of Napa Valley, Calistoga is known for its quaint, small-town charm, and tourists can take their pick from the numerous hot spring and mud bath spas that are signature attractions.

Looking for Great Calistoga Hotels after a Dip in the Hot Springs?

After a relaxing day at these spas, however, you’ll no doubt be looking for comfortable accommodations. Popular Calistoga hotels need not be your only options, though—nearby towns like Middletown are also great places to stay at.

The Twin Pine Casino & Hotel, for example, is a popular choice for people who want to try their luck at casino games while still being an arm’s reach away from Napa Valley. As proof, the hotel sports a rustic turn-of-the century winery theme that stays true to the Wine Country’s feel. It also has excellent dining options that rival the best restaurants that Calistoga, CA can offer.

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