Middletown Hotels & Restaurants: How to Plan for Your Corporate Event

You have been designated as the official event planner for your company’s upcoming program. Congratulations! Part of your responsibility will likely be to determine the ideal location or venue for your event. Have you considered holding it in one of the best Middletown hotels around?

how to plan a corporate event at a hotel

Though company event ideas come with different constraints and requirements, the tips below – courtesy of USA Today – can help provide some measure of efficiency and organization to your upcoming event:

Step 1

Begin the planning process as early as possible. Determine the purpose of the event. Identify the preferred dates, times and location of the event, as well as the total number of attendees and special guests.

Step 2

Create a draft agenda for the event. Determine arrival times as well as performance and/or presentation schedules.

Step 3

Include slots in the agenda for introductions, questions and breaks. Always include one or more dining slots for all-day events. Make note of refreshments and meals according to the needs of the drafted agenda.

Step 4

Contact the hotel of choice and speak with the event planner of the hotel’s corporate sales department. Explain the details of the event and coordinate the availability of the dates, along with forecasted expenses.

Step 5

Confirm any information with your company, as required. Complete the reservation process with the representative and inform all concerned parties of pertinent information.”

After completing these steps, the next thing for you to do is to simply wait for the day to arrive. On the day of the event, be at the venue at least four hours early to ensure that everything is in order for when the guests arrive. Doing so will also provide you ample time for any last-minute preparations.

Food and beverage requirements

Many event planners will want to cut costs in this area. Restaurant menus for hotel conference rooms can generally be adjusted to meet a large group’s budget, so your hotel manager will likely be more than happy to assist. It is recommended that you identify your preferred food and beverages and request discounts only if the price exceeds your budget.

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(Source: How to Plan a Corporate Event at a Hotel, USA Today)