Middletown Restaurant Presents Chock Rock Vineyard as its Winery of the Month

If you like great food and the best wines (and who doesn’t?), Twin Pine Casino and Hotel in Middletown is the place for you. Our Manzanita Restaurant serves up exceptional pairings of Napa and Lake County wines with multiple food courses in our Wine Pairing Dinners. Guests leave the event wonderfully satiated and with a mental list of ideas for food/wine combinations they can serve in their homes.

On Friday, October 21, from 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. we will be featuring wines from Chock Rock Vineyard. Join us for a gourmet meal in a fun, friendly atmosphere. And if you decide to try your luck, our exciting casino awaits. Wanting to turn your Wine Pairing Dinner into a weekend getaway? Contact us about accommodations.

chock rock vineyard

About Chock Rock Vineyard

Great wine is about more than just good grapes — although that’s important, too! Dan Karlsen is a master winemaker. Along with his wife Kathleen, he established Chock Rock Vineyard in 2006. The vineyard produces wine with grapes from its own fields, as well as from other select vineyards in California’s fertile Monterey County.

Each of Chock Rock’s wines is lovingly handcrafted at the estate’s micro-winery. Located high in the Santa Lucia Mountains, Chock Rock is in the most secluded area of the Carmel Valley. What you’ll find if you join us for the Wine Pairing Dinner is that 30 years of winemaking expertise and some of the most perfect grapes anywhere result in a heavenly vintages.

The Chock Rock Offerings

Chock Rock offers a tantalizing selection of wines. This includes their Arroyo Seco, described as a full bodied Syrah with lots of depth, color and character, the Monterey County Chardonnay, a beautiful fruit forward tasty wine with great balance and food friendly, and the Chalone, a Syrah from 40-year-old self-rooted vines, with a buttery rich mouth feel, just to name a few.

Make plans to visit the Middletown Restaurant and learn all about the wonderful wines that Chock Rock has to offer. We look forward to seeing you and serving you a truly memorable meal.