Napa Casino Shares 6 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Travel — even vacation travel — can be stressful. But have you ever seen that traveler who even though things might be going a little sideways still seems calm, cool, and collected? What’s their secret? How do they do it? The most stress-less guests at our Napa casino seem to have certain things in common.


Strategies to Make Travel More Enjoyable

Here are some stress-free travel tips for taking the anxiety out of your trip.

Plan ahead — way ahead

For some people, “planning ahead” for a trip means looking at their flight details for the first time and packing the night before. Stress-free travelers make plans well ahead of time. They start a packing list and a separate To Do list many days, if not weeks, in advance. Doing so allows more time for revising and perfecting their lists, which often includes remembering that key item they might otherwise forget.

Pack with mobility in mind

After laying out all the clothes and personal items you need, be ruthless about reducing what you see in front of you. Cut the amount by 30 percent or more if you can. And when you get down to a very manageable amount of items, pack them in a bag or bags that are easy to carry or roll. The happiest people in the airport are the ones who are gliding through the crowds with one or two light bags rather than steamrolling down the concourse with three or four huge suitcases.

Be well rested

Another advantage of packing light is that you don’t have to stay up all night doing it. Getting a good night’s sleep before a trip can do wonders for your state of mind as you make your way to your destination. On the contrary, being tired and feeling cranky go hand-in-hand.

Pay attention to your hydration and nutrition

People often fluid-restrict before going on a trip so they don’t need to use the bathroom while in the air. The problem is, dehydration can sap your strength and decrease your energy level. Try to find the right balance. The same goes for food. Grabbing some greasy fast food at the airport before boarding your flight may be convenient, but it isn’t great for your body or your state of mind. Try to get more fruits and vegetables into your travel diet and you’ll find yourself more energized and happy.

Dress appropriately

Comfort is key when you travel. Clothes that look great but are too tight or too loose, too light or too heavy, etc. will only increase your stress level. Dress in layers so you can warm up or cool down as needed, and wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy.

Give yourself plenty of time

The most unhappy people you’ll see on your travels are those who are racing to a gate because they didn’t plan on enough time to get checked in, make it through security, etc. Better to be at your gate 30 minutes early rather than 30 seconds after they shut and lock the doors.

The Right Accommodations Matter

And, of course, where you choose to stay can make all the difference! At our Napa casino, our staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and to help any way they can so that you have a stress-free stay. Contact Twin Pine Casino and Hotel for reservations.