Napa Valley casinos and hotels fuel the county’s massive tourism boom!

When you think of tourism in California, it’s almost impossible not to have the Napa Valley pop up in your top three vacation destinations. And according to its tourism district, which is run by Visit Napa Valley, you’re not the only one with that inclination.

Tourism in Napa County booms, but why

According to the 2013 statistics, Napa has taken a huge helping of tourism in California, surpassing competing areas like Sonoma and Monterey counties. The reason being, is that over the past few years, beginning in 2010 the Napa Valley tourism improvement district, which was created by the local hotel industry has been able to raise more than $18 million since it’s inception.

Prior to creating the Visit Napa Valley organization, Napa County had to rely on a tourism board that was primarily funded by local grants. In 2009 the county only brought in $832,000 for marketing in Napa. Only one year after the implementing the countywide tourism district, the dedicated tourism revenue jumped to $3.1 million in 2011 and to $5.3 million in 2012.

“Prior to Visit Napa Valley’s work, we were very negligent and underfunded in marketing Napa Valley,” Mayor Jill Techel said. “We saw that we had our busy seasons, but then we had hotel rooms sitting empty in the off-season and during the middle of the week. So that became the charge of the district: Get people into those rooms.”

In fact, through the funds raised by Visit Napa Valley, Napa has been able to put into place a project called the Napa Valley VINE Trail, a 47-mile bicycle and pedestrian path that will eventually stretch from Calistoga to Vallejo when finished.

“No tax revenue money was used,” he pointed out. “We raised the money through donations, partnerships and hard work. We are not allowed to use the tax funds for a project like that. But our members know that bicycling is the future of tourism and wanted to chip in,” said Visit Napa Valley’s CEO Clay Gregory.

Improvements such as these are what keep the Napa Valley thriving, making it one of the best destinations in the Northern California. With some of the most premier Napa casinos and restaurants, like Twin Pines Casino, the wine country is gaining ground as a one stop for all of you get-away needs. Live music in Napa has also never been better, as any night of the week will offer whichever genre you’re looking and listening for. Napa Valley Casinos are a great place to catch some of the best entertainment the North Bay has to offer!

Source (Tourism in Napa County booms, but why? – Napa Valley Register – June 21, 2014)