Restaurants in Middletown: Are Smartphones Diminishing Food Enjoyment?


Dining people with their noses deep in their smartphones is a regular sight in many upscale restaurants in Middletown. Whether snapping shots of attractive meals or thumbing their way on their favorite social media page, it’s practically impossible to eat at these locations and not see someone with a mobile device. So how disruptive can utilizing smartphones on the table be? An unnamed NYC restaurant actually blames the practice for its resulting slow service.Restaurants in Middletown Are Smartphones Diminishing Food Enjoyment

A famous New York restaurant — stung by increasing complaints about its allegedly slow waiters — discovered that the tardiness was actually the fault of the diners, not the staff.

“We added more staff and cut back on the menu items,” but the complaints continued, the manager of the unidentified restaurant said in his analysis, which was posted on Craigslist but later deleted.

It all started earlier this year, when the restaurant decided to go back to the drawing board to root out the problem.

Luckily, he had saved surveillance footage of the dining room from 2004 — then practically dropped his fork when he compared it to 2014.

The waitstaff hadn’t really changed its approach. The diners had:

Instead of a 1 hour and five minute meal from water to check in the pre-smart phone age, Yelp-era eaters take 1 hour and 55 minutes — and cell phones are to blame.

Although the story isn’t verified, the alleged NY restaurateur is not alone in his or her disdain for smartphone use while dining, as the practice has compelled a good number of dining establishments to admonish people taking photos of food, offer incentives for people to not use their devices in the restaurant, or ban smartphones from the restaurant premises altogether.

So are these smartphone problems really diminishing the dining experience? Naturally, people of all ages will have different perspectives, experiences, and opinions, and the practice does come with benefits, both to the diner and the restaurant. With that in mind, diners should remain mindful of their phone use, especially if it’s affecting how they—and others—enjoy their food.

It should be noted though, that the urge to take food photos isn’t entirely the customer’s fault—restaurants are to blame as well. Why did they have to make their food so picturesque, anyway? Visit posh restaurants in Middletown hotels like the Manzanita Restaurant and you’ll be treated to food that look like works of art, you’ll be longing to find a way to preserve them. So as long as it’s allowed, feel free to whip out your phone and take a pic, just don’t let it get in the way of your gastronomic gratification.

(Source: Smartphones to blame for slow service at restaurants, NY Daily News, Jul. 24, 2014)