Spice Up Your Relationship in Calistoga Hotels with Romantic Holidays

Are you looking for a way to spice up your relationship or rekindle your romance over the coming holidays? Why not plan a weekend Napa Valley getaway with your partner by using romantic vacation packages? The Huffington Post contributor David Goehst suggests that vacations would always be a great gift for couples who want or need that prized time together.Spice Up Your Relationship in Calistoga Hotels with Romantic Holidays

Vacation Packages Always Work

Couples will eventually seek some much needed ‘me’ time. Retired couples can vacation during the winter time (or essentially anytime), so vacation packages would essentially be a slam-dunk here. If you’re entertaining a weekend or full-week excursion, I would suggest booking the retreat far in advance to allow younger whippersnappers the opportunity to request vacation time. Besides, you tend to save money when reserving well in advance and, after 60 years together, couples are ready for someplace new – at least for a weekend.

Although the blogger’s tip is intended for anniversaries at Christmastime, the same principles apply for any other occasion or holiday. You can plan a special out-of-town dinner date for Thanksgiving or spend a birthday weekend at your chosen destination. Whatever you’re celebrating, be sure to plan ahead and make reservations, particularly if you’ll be travelling during peak dates.

Wine Country: a Delightful Destination to Ramp up the Romance

As one of the most celebrated romantic spots in the country, Wine Country, and Napa Valley in particular, would be an excellent choice for romantic vacation packages. Staying in premier Calistoga hotels, you can get some R&R, explore the idyllic Napa Valley sights, and share lovely, tender moments and new memories with your partner.

There are many wineries and sights you can discover, but those near Calistoga offer you unique experiences. The Sterling Vineyards, for instance, gives couples a chance to take in their breathtaking surroundings through a scenic ride up to its hilltop location. Another is the Castello di Amorosa, a landmark well-known for its architecture inspired by ancient European castles.

If you and your partner are the foodie types, no getaway will be complete without trying the local gourmet offerings to satisfy your epicurean desires. Aside from the tastings during your tours, you can eat at the restaurants near Calistoga, CA, such as the dining options in Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. You can knock back a couple of glasses of wine together with tasty dishes, and spend the night in the hotel’s deluxe accommodations.

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