The Right Way to Play at Napa Casinos


If you aren’t an avid gambler, you may not have been aware that there is such a thing as gambling etiquette. While there are slot machines that offer you individual fun, there are also group games that are better played when everyone knows what’s going on. At Twin Pines Casino & Hotel, we don’t want you to be left out in the cold – learning the basics are good for everyone. If you are new to gambling, knowing a few simple casino gambling tips could create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. So next time you are out at Napa casinos, try to absorb the following before sitting down for a game.

Hand throwing 2 dice at casino with lens flare behind.

• Understand the rules!

You can’t sit down at a table and ask them how to play. Well you could, but it’s not their job to teach you. Plus everyone will have to wait around for you while you learn and you might be a slow beginner. Instead of learning as you go, learn beforehand – you will receive less dirty looks.

• Only buy or cash in chips between hands

Use your patience if you sit in on a game where a hand is still playing. While you wait you can get your money all set.

• Face up don’t touch – Face down use one hand

Every once in awhile you may get a dealer who deals the cards face up. For this case, don’t touch them. If the cards are face up, only use one hand to touch them.

• Don’t put drinks on your cards or bend them.

It’s important to be respectful to the cards and the players. If the cards bend then it could look like you are cheating.

• Be careful with the drinks

Drinking too much while playing a game at Twin Pines Casino & Hotel is not the wisest choice for a newbie. Stay in control so you have a better chance of winning.

• Hand signals are a thing

When it comes to blackjack and other games, there are hand signals. If you want to play games that include them, be sure to take a moment to learn.

Having the proper knowledge while playing games at Napa Valley casinos can go a long way for you. Knowing how to have fun with a game yet not disturb others is what it’s really all about.  And last, but not least – don’t forget to tip your dealers after you win. It’s nice to spread the luck around at Twin Pines Casino & Hotel.