Tips Before Friday Poker Tournaments at Bay Area Casinos


Every Friday night at the Twin Pine Bay Area Casino, you can be a part of the weekly Poker tournament! If you know how to play Texas hold ‘em Poker, but have never signed up for a tournament before – no need to worry! We have all the tips you will need in order to best prepare and hopefully ease your nerves before playing. First off, be sure to signup at 4:00 pm on Friday because the tournament begins at 6:00 pm. This fills up quickly so be sure to signup ASAP. If you happen to sign up on the first Friday of the month, the buy in is more expensive and comes out to $110 total. Every other Friday will be $80 total. If you are ready to focus on your strategy, follow these 5 tips for poker tournaments to help you prepare for this casino in the Bay Area’s upcoming Texas hold ‘em event.


1. Play a few games before actually doing the tournament

This will help you mentally prepare for the event. Playing online is a great way because the Internet is usually a pretty intelligent opponent. It may not be the same as live poker but it will put you in the right mindset.

2. Podcasts could have great strategies

There are tons of videos and podcasts out there – and taking advantage of the ones discussing poker is in your best interest. These are great because they can give you poker tournament tips with different perspectives on how to approach certain hands. The Thinking Poker Podcast is just one of the many you could try out.

3. Be fully rested

Having proper sleep is going to assist you a lot in the poker tournament. Your focus and mental health is one of the biggest keys to winning a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament and if you are half asleep you can kiss that goodbye.

4. Prepare snacks

Try to bring food that is healthy for you and doesn’t make a mess. Maybe like an apple, a granola bar, nuts, a salad, or something else you feel would be appropriate. Having snacks is a nice pick-me-up and keeps your stomach from growling under the poker table.

5. Dressed to socialize

While it is important to dress comfortable (not too comfortable – leave the sweats at home), dressing up a bit can really show you are in it to win it. Wearing something nice can make you seem approachable. This is great because if people are more likely to talk to you, they are more likely to let their guard down and share with you some possibly valuable poker information for a future strategy.

Being a part of a Texas hold ‘em tournament at Twin Pine Casino & Hotel is a great way to hone in on your poker skills and improve on them. Come out Friday night for Texas hold ‘em entertainment in the Bay Area – you won’t be disappointed!