Tips for Hosting a Productive Offsite Meeting at a Napa Casino

Offsite meetings are a great way to escape the chaos of the office so your team can focus on important projects and also build great chemistry. However, fun, productive meetings don’t just happen. In order for your event to be successful, there are a number of things you should keep in mind for hosting a meeting.

First and foremost is to hold your meeting at a facility that understands business events, like Twin Pine’s Napa Valley Casino. Below are some additional suggestions.

To get the most out of your event, you should:

Set goals and discuss “rules of engagement.”

Without a set of clearly defined goals, it’s easy for a meeting to get off track. Be sure your team knows what the goals are before you arrive. And be sure that all attendees understand that the meeting space is a “safe zone” where the focus is on positive contributions rather than criticism.

productive offsite meeting

Have a team-building activity.

While some people dismiss team building as a little silly, team chemistry is an important factor in achieving your business objectives. Hosting a meeting with “outside the box” activities is the best way to encourage camaraderie. Producing a piece of art or cooking a meal together are great opportunities to have some fun and break down barriers.

Record takeaways and action items.

Many a productive meeting is wasted when a few weeks later, nobody can recall with clarity what was discussed, what tasks were assigned, etc. You may want to have attendees take turns being the official “scribe” for a portion of the meeting.

Ideally, you should NOT:

Allow attendee alliances to impede progress.

If Sara always goes to lunch with Michelle, and Dan and Dave are best friends and golfing buddies, it’s best to find ways to break up the standard pairings at the meeting. Put them on different teams in a team-building event, in different breakout groups, etc.

Force anyone TOO far outside their comfort zone.

It’s good to ask people to challenge themselves, but pushing too hard can cause attendees to withdraw or get defensive, and then they won’t be contributing their ideas and talents to the success of the meeting.

Try to cover too much ground in one day.

Have reasonable expectations about what you can and should accomplish in your meeting. If you are nearing the end of your time but not the end of your agenda, better to address the remaining items another day than to hurry through them just so you can check the box.

Fun and Effective Meetings

There’s really no better place to host an offsite meeting than a Napa casino, where quality service and an energetic atmosphere make it an enjoyable and productive experience. Call us today to get the details on our meeting and event facilities.