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One of the best things about misconceptions is that they are, well, misconceptions…misunderstandings. They are things or situations that can be fixed. The things you once thought to be one way are in fact another way, leaving you with an option you hadn’t had before. And now that you have a fair understanding of a situation, it is up to you to choose.


The Napa Valley is just that sort of place, which over the years, has been the epicenter of misconceptions. With its beautiful, lush landscape and over-abundance of wineries and gold courses, the Napa Valley has been pigeonholed as sometimes being a little too ritzy. That accusation may be true in part, but that’s also true about any region you travel to. Every vacation destination has its share of high-end offerings, but its also usually surrounded by people and culture that given it its charm and the Napa Valley is no different from any other Bay Area entertainment.

Napa’s culture and people are truly what keep the tourists coming back for more. The intricate placement of small farming communities and affordable shopping carry just as much weight as the big wineries and fancy hotels they’re surrounded by. The wonderful nightlife and close access to San Francisco really makes the Napa Valley one of the premier hotspots to check out when making your way through the Bay Area.

With plenty of charming, rustic hotels and incredibly fun Bay Area casinos like, Twin Pine Casino and Hotel, the temptation to stay longer than expected will get you every time. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or just a one or two day road trip, The Napa Valley offers almost too many options to choose from.

At the northern end of Napa County lies its funkiest, crunchiest town: Calistoga, where people have been coming for the fresh mineral spring waters since before the first grapes were planted. You can take the healing waters at many places, including Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, Golden Haven, and Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort. Locals are big on mud baths as part of the process, too. Point? Don’t assume that all of Napa is snobby … its hippie flag flies proudly in places.

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