Twin Pine Middletown Restaurant August Winery of the Month: Moore Family Winery

moore family wineryAh, vino! The right wine can turn a great meal into an outstanding dining experience. At Twin Pine Casino and Hotel, we regularly choose a leading Napa Valley/Lake County vineyard to be our Winery of the Month. We then host a wine pairing dinner at our Middletown restaurant.

This month, we’re pleased to present Moore Family Winery. Our pairing dinner will be on Friday, August 26 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Reservations are recommended.

About Moore Family Winery

Moore Family Winery is located in the Red Hills District of the Lake County AVA (American Viticultural Area or wine growing region). Family owned and operated, the winery is the life’s work of Steve and Robin Moore. Steve spent his childhood summers in Lake County, and his love for the area is reflected in the vineyard he and his family built from the ground up.

Passionate about their craft from way back, Steve and Robin produced wine in their garage for family and friends for many years. Then in 1995, they purchased 70 acres of rich, fertile Lake County land on which to organically farm their grapevines, and succeeded in cultivating a line of magnificent grapes. Today, the fruits of their labor are “new world” wines that are deep, complex, and intensely flavored.

The Lone Pine Label

As a sign of their commitment and determination to create incredible wines, Moore Family Wine chose the image of a lone pine tree for their labels. It represents a tree on the property that a decade ago survived a forest fire that claimed much of the greenery around it. To the family, and those who know the story, it represents strength and determination.

Wine and So much Moore

At their mountaintop estate, the Moore family, including son Beau and daughter Stepheny, not only produce exceptional wine, they also host a wide range of events including concerts, weddings and some very competitive Bocce Ball. Guests are as wowed by the amazing view as they are impressed with the quality of the wine.

Moore Family Winery also has an online wine store and a wine club. It seems that once you get a taste of one of the offerings from their collection, you want to keep your home well stocked!

Mark Your Calendar: Moore Family Winery, Friday, August 26

Don’t miss our wine pairing dinner featuring Moore Family Winery on Friday, August 26 at Manzanita Restaurant in the Twin Pine Casino and Middletown hotel.