Why not make Calistoga hotels a part of your perfect road trip?!?


So you want to take the perfect road trip huh? Before any suggestions are made about where exactly to go, you may want to take a few moments to examine the things you’ll need to make that road trip the best one ever!

Calistoga Hotels

First thing’s first: Depending on where you’re going and how far you’re coming from, getting a general consensus of what you and your fellow travelers expect is a good place to start. Making sure you didn’t accidentally invite any of your friends that have unresolved issues is also advisable. Nothing is worse than breaking up a squabble at the rest stop. Also, making sure no new disagreements arise on the trip will be helpful in your attempt at a successful Northern California road trip. So, having an agreed upon plan ahead of time will serve you well.

Keeping your options open on your Northern California road trip will also ensure nobody is panicking due to deadlines or pre-arrangements. Having a loose plan is good. Allowing enough time to explore your chosen destinations will also optimize your experience. Having a few plans to see specific destinations is good, but don’t try to over-agenda you vacation. These trips are meant for relaxation, not “have-to-do” tasks.

If you end up exploring an area like the Napa Valley, take into account all of the Napa casinos and Calistoga hotels that surround all of the world famous wineries. Make late night plans as well. The live music in Napa is pretty incredible also, so make sure to fit that into your itinerary. Anywhere you end up, make sure to connect with the locals to get a true feel of their specific culture. Doing so will keep you from ending up with a bunch of generic tourist experiences.

As we all know, the trip back home is the worst. Make sure to pack plenty of entertainment to keep you focused on the road home. A lot of times, the mind starts to wander a bit when it doesn’t have much to look forward to. Keep the coffee on tap and you’re sure to get you and your friends home safely.

Source: How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip – May 27, 2014 – Lifehacker.com