Why You Will Want to Have Your Wedding at a Napa Casino


Stress less

Getting married is a stressful ordeal. While of course sharing your life with someone is beautiful, it’s the planning the wedding part that can be a giant headache. That’s why planning your wedding at Napa casinos such as Twin Pine Casino & Hotel can be like lifting a heavy burden from off of your shoulders.

Casino Wedding

Where do you start?

Are you planning a small wedding or a large one? Do you want to make a lot of your items or do you need help finding vendors to create for you? Are you looking for a hotel that can accommodate guests nearby? As you can see, we are barely scraping the surface of general questions you may be asking yourself when getting your wedding together. It is a time consuming and very detail oriented event that may be the biggest of your life. No pressure.

Having your wedding in a casino could answer all of your questions. It’s great for many reasons including:

1. The size and amount of people – If you are planning on a big wedding, then you are in luck. No matter what the size, you won’t need to feel like you are holding back on your special day.

2. In-house catering – Need food? Cooks? Servers? This casino can provide the catering so you don’t have to go searching and deal with the hassle of getting outside help.

3. Playing at the Casino – Instead of being stuck in their hotel room, guests can come early/stay later and play games down at the casino.

4. Helping you with misplaced items – If you need a last minute item, chances are the concierge can assist you.

5. Wedding party dinners – You can have a rehearsal dinner there and/or after-wedding brunch.

What it comes down to is, you deserve to be treated like royalty on your big day.  The last thing you want to be worrying about is if there are enough seats during your ceremony or if everyone will get enough food. All that should be on your mind is the happiness you are feeling to be with your soul mate and how wonderfully smooth your big day is going. Having all the services on hand really make having a wedding at Twin Pine Casino & Hotel effortless. From the beginning of your planning to the “I dos” and after party – a wedding at Napa Valley casinos will be with you every step of the way.